Monday Comings and Goings

I love to sit in the warm living room watching television, with the kettles on the wood fire, boiling the water for our hot water bottles. It is so cosy and warm. Today has been a big day. Fiona gave birth to her first child, a daughter. She was due to give birth by caesarean on Wednesday, but had high blood pressure. Perhaps the doctors thought it best to bring the date forward. Sean is ecstatic.

Shri has moved to Brisbane from Armidale, where he was working at the University of New England. He is my mentor for my research in information technology but I only met him once when he was visiting Brisbane last year. Hopefully he will have something interesting to say about my thesis which is in its final days.

My day was fairly quiet and I arrived early outside work this morning. Andrea and I went across the road to the Coffee Club for a cup of coffee. As I am a member, I was able to shout her a large cappuccino at no extra cost to me. Bruce walked past to we waved at him to join us, which he did. After half an hour we walked across the road to work just as Josh was arriving to let us in.

I often leave things behind at home, and today was no exception. However, it really makes no difference to my work and I found ways to work with what I had. That included a sachet of Aldi drinking chocolate which really was very nice. I had a cup of soup (chicken noodle) for lunch and two cups of tea throughout the afternoon. That was my day, full of nice warm drinks and lots of work with an early bout of socialising.







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