Book Chapter

Crystal asked me about a month ago to write a chapter in her book with the topic of refereeing in Stockholm, Sweden. On Saturday I spent some time on the chapter and sent a copy to Ken Stuckey and Crystal. Although Crystal said she was asking Karen to also write a chapter, I have not heard about it. I messaged Karen a few days ago and she hasn’t said anything about it yet so I will ask her next.

Now that I am starting to write my chapter, the memories of Stockholm are flooding back. It was a great time for all the invited officials and now it’s part of a regular event that runs every four years. I have included a link to the video I put on YouTube for everyone and have to check for the names of the various places we visited.

Apart from that, I have to work on my thesis on weekends and actually need to do that on weekdays as well now. One day a week I have as a rest day, though. My next step is to include taking a bath or body wrap once a week on that day. I think Sundays will work well for that.


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