PT Time

My personal training time is now Friday mornings with Eli. Although I did very limited activity in the intervening week, we still managed to work hard and I think I am coordinating my nervous system with my muscles and aerobic system. I decided to hire him as my trainer as he knows that I am a Fitness professional and is steering me in the right direction with the training, also sharing some of his professional development activities as a kind of mentor.

This next week I need to attend the gym most days, which is fairly straight forward if I can coordinate the change of clothes and remember to prioritise study time and socialising time. After all, I have been doing that for years at times when having a full-time income allowed me to join a gym.

I wonder about the mind-body connect and different ways of raising children in various cultures. There must be a huge difference between letting children run free and watching over them as if all adults are guardian angels, constantly hovering near the child.


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