Short Tables

Two clinical aromatouch sessions down and one to go! Last night Pippa was waiting for me at 7:30 pm while I was at the other end of her street, the part which finished 50 street numbers before hers. After a quick phone call Pippa gave me a cross-street name and number and I eventually found the right place.

Robbie was cooking steak and mushrooms, Serena was playing on her iPad, Karen was tidying up in preparation for her daughter’s visit and Pippa set up her therapy room as she chatted with me and helped me to feel at ease. Pippa’s room had the music, lights, short massage table, an office chair and some small tables.

It is really important if you are doing many massages to have a table at the correct height. I did notice the effect of a short table and mentioned it to Pippa, so we adjusted three of the four table legs and left the last one for someone with the star screw driver to adjust.

Both Pippa and Karen were my ‘clients’. Pippa helped by allowing me to go first and then having her friend join us afterwards. It was like having my first real client, as I had not met Karen before. It was awesome to run through my skills that way.


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