Visiting Helen

Helen told me that Pippa’s kit and mine have arrived at her house. Both Helen and I wore coats as we sat in her Beauty Salon rooms under her house. We chatted for a long time, as she is a really good teacher who goes through things and repeats those using stories and family relationships.

Pippa was at home with Syrena, so I hope to catch up with her tomorrow. I haven’t visited her house before, even though I have known her and Tony for quite a while from before they met. That way Pippa and I can soon have our three clinical aroma techniques covered and have the certificate sorted out. Helen said that the certificates are processed in the first week of the months and sent out the following month.

The visit with Helen took about two hours. It is great that she is spending quite a bit of time explaining things and setting up the business parameters. Her latest idea is to have Super Saturdays on the first of the month, which will pretty much take all day. She is hoping to do hands on in the mornings until 2 pm and training in the afternoons, with people bringing a plate and including their recipes on a little placard with the foods. It sounds like something that is really successful and has been done before with marketing and business training.







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