Christina and Andrew

Yesterday’s training session with Andrew La Terra went really well. Pippa brought her massage table and added it to the row of four others that we used to do the training. Andrew said that we both did really well. It was really enjoyable and I learned a lot.

On Tuesday, we will receive our booklets and little kit for performing the technique. Pippa said that she liked it and also had forgotten that side of her career, which she used to really enjoy in the days before she married and had children.

Christina went out to buy some kind of take away noodles with red ginger and curry, as well as sushi. It was interesting that Andrew kept training us while drinking a green smoothie and munching on cookies and the noodles. It reminded me of how we eat on the run at work.

I also asked Darag what he thought of the company and he seemed interested in it, as he had heard of some people who enjoyed working with the oils.






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