My Program

Yesterday morning I worked with my trainer, Eli. The three sessions of training come with my gym membership. This was session one. It was brilliant! My goal is basically to move more due to studying for such a long time, which trained me to sit still enough to get my current job.

I have homework. Twice a day I have lunges and push-ups, albeit modified push-ups as I don’t “do” push-ups generally. My plan is to take some shorts, a polo shirt and socks and shoes with me in my car so that I can spend some time “frolicking” in the park before and after work. Either that, or I’ll just take Max to the school oval nearby and do it that way which might work best for weekends.

Eli’s specialty is good form, which is the area of training which interests me most for personal training as well as my own workouts. Josh must have listened really well when he took Crystal, Georgia and myself through the Ignite session.

Last night I went to choir practice for Marty’s first mass. His ordination is Friday night and he is having his mass on Saturday night in our parish. Saturday is my training for Aroma Touch massage therapy. I am hoping to bring Pippa, who already has a massage table and a Certificate III in aroma therapy massage. She is a trained nurse and I know her through Alice and Dave, as she is their niece. She is Tony’s wife, from football officiating.


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