Delayed onset muscle soreness is very real here at home. It was several lunges and some modified push-ups, a weighted squat with upward press and a glute bridge that woke up my long-dormant muscles. Not before time, I might add, as long hours of research with a ban on attending the gym can lead to an unbalanced approach to writing and study.

When I first discovered aerobics, it was a revelation because attending classes balanced out my day job of office work really well. I finally understood how people could become absorbed in programming or computer and telephone work by just including a simple exercise regime.

In many ways, I am blessed to have survived a long term interest in health and fitness without overdoing it unnecessarily. In order to be interested again, though, there has been the hiatus of studying for my research higher degree with the infamous gym ban. Now, in the interests of exercising for my health and avoiding skin cancer, and having worked out what the research culture of my work unit is in today’s terms, I have elected to take up exercise with some help from Eli, the PT and the local gym.











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