Monday for Some

Danny and Renu were not in today, Lena has changed her base to Gympie and Mel was in late. I was in early as I still had the keys from Saturday and did not want to keep people from arriving half an hour before work to set up and exchange gossip. There were some strawberries, olives, crackers and camembert cheese with slices of peppery sausage left over from Lena’s Friday afternoon farewell party. I had the half day off for working on Saturday morning.

I volunteered to do webinars soon, so that students have a video to which they can refer for basic information about the intent of assignment tasks and general unit information. None of the other trainers is interested, so I might have the pleasure of going through all units and all tasks.

Two of my students did not attend their training appointments, but one in Melbourne did return my call so we arranged for training by phone and Skype for tomorrow.

It has been a beautiful winter’s day of 23 degrees Celsius. The news of an Australian journalist, Peter Greste, being before the Egyptian courts interrupted the broadcast from Parliament House this evening. Later we heard that he has been sentenced to 7 years in jail.


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