Sconeday and Music

Mum makes divine scones on Sunday mornings. As I am in the Music Ministry and sing at 9am Mass, my scones have to be reheated in the microwave on my return. They are just as nice that way and Mum and Dad have their Sunday breakfast in peace.

Today was no exception. Although it is a day of rest, the washing machine was not free until Sunday morning, so I did some washing and general tidying up after my half-day at work on Saturday morning. Max has been very snuggly lately and has had lots of pats and tummy rubs. He barks at cats, cars that stop outside our fence and birds in the garden.

More than anything, I am creating a space for my research but am constantly amazed by the people, situations and things that are mustering all around me to help me. It is not something that I understand fully, either. Although, on reading the emails from the final month or so that I have in my Faculty, it seems as though the support is there, too. Maybe I will be working all through the night on some days?


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