Saturday at the Desk

This morning I went in to work, as it my rostered half-day. If I had people to meet off-campus I could swap the day. However, I used my time to update my administrative tasks, call some students and tidy up the kitchen. Basically, I just worked quietly at my desk. Danny came in and stayed until after I had gone.

At home I read the paper, had some avocado on toast and Earl Grey tea, looked up the names of my nieces’ children for Mum to put in a message to England and was amazed by the things they found at a “free” garage sale. Mum had called me before I left for work to say that they found a garage sale where the people were actually giving everything away. She found some great Christmas decorations for my brother’s family and a couple of other things. She was really thrilled at finding so many things.

Dad found a couple of plaster of Paris pigs for garden ornaments and three metal cockerels. He loves roosters in his garden, which is the one near the front door of the house. Mum was not impressed by the funny hedgehog that now sits on the round table near Dad’s garden ornaments.

Tomorrow has to be a writing day. I was up from 11:15pm to 3am this morning, watching television while researching on the internet. Then I went back to sleep and was up around 5:30am. I keep thinking of things to add to my view of my thesis.


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