Friday Half-Day

Today Lena has her last day at work before being based out of Gympie. As I have the half-day off, I was not at her afternoon tea which started at 3pm. So I had a short chat with her and do expect to see her when the different trainers and marketing people have meetings in the Board room at Nundah.

I went for a walk in the morning around the block opposite work, and found the Mayne Tigers AFL oval. It is opposite a unit block construction site and next to the Neighbourhood Activity Centre. The whole suburb has a very German and English aspect to it, apart from the cars parked on footpaths and Mum’s swearing at their children along Melton Road.

Dr Kamara did my regular skin check and wants to see me in four weeks to remove a spot and take some biopsies. She says I have had a spot removed from my back, but it is not an event that I can recall. Perhaps it was done at the Mater Hospital when I had day surgery with Dr Chris Pyke?

I felt better today after being unwell at work yesterday. The room where I sit becomes exceedingly stuffy with no air circulating. One part of the building becomes very cool when the air conditioning is set below 24 Celsius and all the other rooms become overly warm. It is important to have two desk fans running when there are people in my office, as it is quite overwhelming with the build-up of carbon dioxide and lack of circulation in the room.



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