Thursday Gym Day

This morning I had an appointment to talk to Simon about the gym. The receptionist let me go in early, so I waiting at the coffee shop. Simon did get me a small coffee. It was nice and they had awesome, gentle music playing as I came in to the gym.

After a tour of the facilities and a quick look at the ladies’ toilets and change room, I thought it was a very nice place and at only 20 months old, in great condition. There were lots of ads for PTs on the light box display in the foyer. It did not take too long for me to decide on joining up. So now I have my new gym pass and some extras thrown in as part of the welcome package.

Now, that morning, I had taken some Vitality Pack supplements that arrived recently on order from the aroma therapy company. Even though I only had Sultana Bran for breakfast, after taking the vitamins, I felt like I had just eaten steak. It was around 11 am though, that I noticed that something did not agree with me. Being at work it was a bit awkward, as I was physically ill, not once but twice. Afterwards I felt fine.

It was like I had to clean my system, probably from some slightly over-ready milk that was in the work fridge yesterday and I put in my tea. All in all it was quite an eventful day. A student attended training at our tutoring room. I joined the very nice gym across the road. I tried the Vitality Pack vitamins and will not need them again for a while as the effects will no doubt last for a few days.

My first appointment is for 7:30 am Tuesday morning. I have some 5-day passes that a student or two might find useful. The group exercise classes look great and the timetable is super-full. Hopefully, I can invite my work colleagues to visit the classes with me. I think it would be fun. Now to put my Diploma in Personal Training to good use!


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