The Man in the Rotunda

A colleague at work has taken to sitting in the park next to our place of work in the morning. He waves at me as I pass, so I have crossed the street to talk with him a couple of times this week. Two of the other trainers sit on the corner of Sandgate Road and Chapel Street, on the benches with little mosaics in the bollards.

It is amazing how few places there are for people to sit and write, apart from schools and libraries. I read of someone who rides on trains when he wants to read and write in the mornings. When I worked in the city my train ride to and from work was a great time to do study. Many an aspiring lawyer has taken their case and books on the city trains, as I have seen a couple on the Shorncliffe line.

Yesterday in my half hour lunch break I went to the local library and while reading the signs at the entry had to move further back while an elderly couple and a man with a bad leg tried to negotiate the six stairs leading up to the main lending floor. The children’s and newspaper area had about twelve stairs leading down to it. My work place also has a flight of old wooden stairs leading from the “Slightly Twisted Refreshment Lounge” to the front landing where the rain water tends to collect.


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