Monday with a Little Light Shining

After the weekend of finding out my thesis supervisor’s approach, I feel like a little light has been lit in a tiny part of the room where I have been looking for my thesis guidelines. We were warned about this during orientation sessions, but I did not even know why I was doing higher degree research, so I wondered whether it would ever be relevant to me.

Now it is relevant, as I try to make out what this has to do with my final draft. It seems a bit odd. I am immensely relieved, but have ten or more papers to read and a lot of editing ahead of me. As it costs about $300 to print out six copies of the thesis, I found a way to print it so that I just have to bind it at the university. That seems a long way away, though it should be very, very soon.

Today at work we were told that we are all permanent employees. We were also asked to book out Christmas holidays as the college will be closed for three weeks over Christmas. It is always a pleasure to have something like that to plan, so I will start looking at possible destinations for Christmas in England, Germany and possibly Italy.


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