Stetson Hats and our Prime Minister

Tony Abbott has been appearing in the news wearing a Texas Stetson, a gift when he visited the State with more citizens than all of Australia. The commentator said it would go in his luggage for the trip home. Perhaps he was hoping that it would not be worn to the airport. On consideration, that would be a wise move to stow the hat.

My Saturday has been interesting, as I asked about joining the gym across from work it is most likely affiliated with work, being Go Health and our work is Go Learn. Although, I think these businesses were basically set up to be sold for a profit. Steve called me and made a tentative appointment for 1pm Sunday to go in and take a tour of the facility.

The soccer World Cup is on television, so Dad will be watching it with enthusiasm. Then when Mum Skypes with Onkel Arnold, they discuss how Australia and Germany are going. Australia apparently has a difficult draw, so Dad will be talking about Chile and bribes, I think. Mind you, Brazil looks fabulous on the advertisements.

Uncle Eric has cancer that has moved to a bone, apparently. He was going in for tests a couple of days ago, and Dad has not checked back to see how they went as it takes a while for the results to come through.


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