Thursday Marking Day and New Chairs

We received some new student chairs for the tutorial room where Andrea and I sit, as well as the other open area and old kitchen where Merrilee and Bruce sit. That was the high point of the day. It being marking day, we were busy chasing things up.

I am trying out a blend of grapefruit, geranium and other oils which is supposed to help general wellbeing. Only one drop in a cup of water is enough to flavour the whole drink and the room. It leaves a beautiful, fresh, citrus fragrance for quite a while. I find that I eat less with this, but I think it is mainly the tingly taste that gives me something else to think about more than anything.

It also helps me to drink water during the day instead of green tea and a cup of coffee.

Without students coming in for training, the day was fairly boring. We do look forward to seeing our students and catching up on their news. Tomorrow is a half day Validation meeting. In the afternoon we might have some students if they are not cuddled up at home staying warm now that the temperature tends to drop below 20 degrees in the mornings.


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