Queen’s Birthday Holiday in Queensland

It was a great day for a holiday, except for dark clouds hanging over Mum and Dad who had me at home on a week day. I even took time out from writing my thesis to go shopping despite the absolute thunder storms and lightening hovering over Mum for the entire time.

When I finally got home after traipsing around Harvey Norman’s with a cardboard cut-out of a slice of bread for toaster-shopping, it was with a huge sense of relief. It took several hours for the thunder and lightning to subside, but outside it was a bright, sunny day.

I decided to look at multiculturalism in Australia, and was interested to see the European developments in this area, which are somewhat regressive. Jerzy Zubrzycki was the local expert in Australia right up until about five years ago when he passed away. It appears that the European and Australian positions, together with Canada is likely to have shifted significantly in recent times.

So I quickly applied for a research master’s candidature in the Faculty of Education at my university, printed out my thesis two pages to a side and started to look at multicultural policy.


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