Pentecost Sunday

The choir was at 9 o’clock mass this morning to sing “Canticle of the Sun” as the recessional. It is the hymn we sang at the Ecumenical service for the Environment on Wednesday night. Lydia thought we were far and away the better of the guest choirs at St Mary’s.

Noelene had a red skivvy and Gillette, which she swapped for a red skivvy and white shirt for the choir uniform. Tars gave me a very narrow choir scarf, as I did not have one previously. It looks like the sort the men wear looped thought the side of their belts sometimes. Anyway, now I have a coveted Choir Scarf!

Two newspapers arrived this weekend as part of my eccentric newspaper delivery for the online subscription to “The Australian”. We had both “The Sunday Mail” and the print version of my paper. Mum had a leisurely read of the paper on both Saturday and Sunday before going out to do some gardening.

I had to finish off my washing from yesterday, but apart from that, I read the paper, made some pasta for lunch that Mum also shared in with me, and curled up with my feather bed in the afternoon for a nice, warm snooze.

My aim is to be rested and fresh for Monday, which is thesis day. Today the realisation dawned on me that I have to read it through as my starting point, even if I am updating it according to the examiner’s feedback as we go. I also need to think about inviting students to an off campus study session, preferably in Redcliffe.


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