Welcome to my Long Weekend

Yes! It’s a Monday public holiday on its way. Today flew by, with a meeting in the morning and the usual things in the afternoon. I don’t have to go in to work this Saturday, so I will be able to work on my thesis at last.

It’s been a good week and fairly busy. Danny gave use chocolate Freddos. We heard that Liddy’s husband Tony has a donor for his surgery. That was the best news of the week. Liddy will be so happy. There wasn’t a Freddo frog for her, though. Perhaps there will be one when we see her next week.

This morning there was a street musician outside Seggafredo’s coffee shop. He had a hat to collect money and a guitar. He sat on a bench which might have been for a bus stop, but I don’t think the bus does stop at the corner there. Hearing him talking with a school boy somehow made the street more welcoming and cheerful. It’s been a bit odd since the pub on the other side of the road re-opened with its new facelift.

The day was full of interesting work and nice chats. I look forward to my long weekend.


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