Ecumenical Service for the Environment

Our choir was a guest choir with the Seventh Day Adventist, Greensleeves and other groups included in the service. Bishop Alison was unwell, so another Bishop gave the sermon. It was a really well planned and well executed event. A couple of local councillors also participated.

I left work half an hour early taking it from my time in lieu. That left me plenty of time to collect my music from home, grab some things and find a distant parking spot. “Outback Jack’s Bar and Grill” was busy, as was “Mon Komo”.

At the service, Carmel mentioned an a ‘Capella choir that rehearses on Thursday nights. I would like to find out more, as it sounds interesting even though joining the choir is by audition. Having and developing a good singing voice is a great gift that can be shared and provide support in lots of areas, like the Music Ministry.

Today I spent most of the morning helping to babysit a 15 month old boy who came to training with his Mum. We love children at work, so everyone helped to settle him and I brought in some blocks which kept him amused for a while. It was a nice day and the boss came to chat, as he knows the Mum and encouraged her to come in for training a lot. Fortunately, she is very bright and caught on to the approach very quickly.


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