Monday Cup of Soup

The plan is to have a very light lunch, like an apple and cup of soup. That way, I can keep Mum happy when she cooks a beautiful dinner and I come home from work feeling fairly hungry. I have some oaty bars that I usually keep for students. Somehow they come in handy mid-morning and mid-afternoon when lunch is so light.

Today it worked fine. After a week, though, I generally need more vegetables. A cheese and salad sandwich with chutney, horse radish, mustard, cranberry sauce and some kind of left-overs from the day before generally works well.

My thesis is still in the final stages. I need to be rewriting it as soon as I can. It was meant to be last weekend, but I really try to keep Sunday free so that the work week is not rushed and uncomfortable. The best time is mornings and some evenings. That is the other plan. Now to put it into action….


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