First Day of the Weekend

This morning I did not have to go in to work and was pleased to spend some time catching up on my work. I went for a walk in the morning, at last. It was a beautiful morning. That would be something to do more often….

We watched the news of volcanic ash from an Indonesian volcano near Sumbawa Island. Darwin apparently has a thick could of ash over it with no flights in or out for a few days. Apparently it is a very active volcano. Yesterday there was mention of the cloud of ash heading south towards Queensland.

Mum is a bit sad after the news of Erica Timm’s passing. She has been very quiet all day. The big event in our area is the opening of Costco, the first northside store in Brisbane, which is at North Lakes. It has been very busy on the roads on Thursday, when it opened. Today it was very busy in Redcliffe on the seafront. It seems that people from Caboolture and surrounding areas are in town to check out Costco and then come to the sea front. The markets on Sunday morning will be really busy.


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