Costco Crush

This morning I was up early and pottering around the house. Crystal was meant to be on Skype in the morning, my time, but there was no reply when I called, so I assume she was out and had forgotten.

We had the usual crew at Mass for the music ministry. Louis was back from Singapore. Mark and Olivia arrived late and sat right at the end of the row until Jean insisted that they move up to where the rest of us were.

I was given the task of flicking the slides for the powerpoint presentation. The words to the hymns and some parts of the mass with responses were included. Then there was part 2 of the Parish Financial Report. I was meant to flick through slowly as Father John spoke. He didn’t seem to follow the actual slides, though.

I was congratulated by Jean and Fred for good slide management. It was odd having another thing to do as well as flick pages and things. It also reminded me of my confirmation seminar. This weekend is the start of my thesis review, but I am still having a restful Sunday.

Part of the restful Sunday involved a trip to the new Costco. All we saw was a constant stream of cars, three policemen on point duty and no parking spaces on any nearby streets. Mum can’t walk far due to her knee replacement so we decided to keep driving. We stopped off at the local shops and visited the new Michel’s for a coffee and cake of the day. The new Michel’s is smaller and very smart.

That was our excitement for the day. Mum complemented me on my hair, which I straightened in the morning before Mass. Mum and the girls at work seem to think I should be growing it. Even though we have a very warm Winter, that is probably a good idea for now.


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