End of the Work Week

This week at work I started to feel a bit more like myself after such a long time working on my research area, trying to sort out papers for publication, and polishing my thesis. It is a lot of fun at work, especially when the students make a lot of progress and the staff are completely irreverent and cheeky. Students often say how they appreciate the whacky behaviour of the staff on our campus.

I launched a social media page for my aroma technique therapy, which I will be learning in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am learning the oils and their effects on myself and anyone else who cares to try them. I think Mum will like a foot and lower leg massage, particularly as her knee replacement has slowed her down a lot. She isn’t really someone who likes to walk, preferring gardening, shopping, sewing and pottering around the house.

Our friend Erica Timms passed away yesterday after falling down in the shopping centre. She was found to have cancer all through her body when the hospital admitted her after the fall. Mum knew her fairly well to chat and through mutual friends. Mum heard about it on her birthday, as she had a hospital appointment and ran into Gunther Timms, Erica’s husband who was visiting his wife that day.

Mum was fascinated by the doctor’s report about a place in the brain that controls our will to walk. Apparently the cancer affected that part which is why Erica spent all day lying on the couch. Gunther found it difficult to understand at the time. It might help other people to be motivated to move more thinking of this, though. It works for me.


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