Father Michael’s Episcopal Ordination to Bishop of Rockhampton

Last night we had a great rehearsal at St Mary’s Anglican Church in Redcliffe. There were a few tenors and basses, way more than we normally have. There were also some altos. So instead of one Tenor, two bases and two altos with fifteen sopranos, we had a well-rounded choir. It is for next Wednesday’s Ecumenical Service for the Environment as part of the Hayes Inlet Festival.

Today in Rockhampton, our previous Parish Priest was ordained Bishop of Rockhampton. I am just watching the recording of the live streaming video. Our Choir Director posted it online on his social media page. I signed his card from our Parish and have no idea how many were able to drive up to Rockhampton for the big event. It is a very impressive service.

Father Michael was looking around all the people in the church to try to find people he knows. His family were up the front. Apparently he has a married brother with that family and a few others who attended. We found out Father Michael’s middle name. It is a big day for him, that’s for sure.


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