Sunday a Quiet Day

I woke up at around 3:30am and took my laptop down to the living room to watch television while Mum and Dad slept. At around 6am I noticed that Crystal was online in Los Angeles, so I messaged her on Skype. Surprise, surprise, she called back and we eventually had a conversation with some video.

Next week we will do the same. She has asked me to contribute a chapter to her book. I think she is asking Karen from Canada as well. It all has to be done within a month, as she is starting some kind of yoga training for officials through the NFL. I think it starts with a school program, though.

I hope to show her how to use PowerPoint or the OpenOffice equivalent remotely using screen share. That should be interesting! She also has another radio interview coming up. It’s great to hear how active she has been in pursuing her interest and hopefully will find work due to all her initiatives and skills.

We have a big event coming up in the Music Ministry and Lydia is allowed to play the church organ for us after her physiotherapist made her take a break due to RSI. I will have to offer an aroma therapy technique for her hands and forearms, seeing as I am learning all about it from Helen and my new support team in aroma therapy and aroma massage.

Today I learned about frankincense, general oils and a lower leg and foot massage. It is all on youtube. The book that Helen sourced for me is also very informative. It even goes into the chemical breakdown of the oils and their active properties. She is such a wise and helpful guide in this area that I am very blessed to be working with her.

Diane was on facebook, as was Zina. We are trying to meet up again. However, Zina is still in Melbourne and is not back until the 14th of June when I am learning aroma touch massage technique. I think she would like to learn it too. I’ll have to find out the cost and let her know.


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