Saturday Half at Work

This morning I was up just after 4 am as I remembered I had to go in to work for half the day. I managed to do lots of tidying up in the house and still had plenty of time to go in to work. It was very quiet in at work, with Danny, Josh and Mel all starting out with me. Mel had an interview and then left after about 10:30 – 11:00 am. Danny left before 12 noon. I finished at 1pm.

On my way home I stopped in at Chermside where I discovered that Target had a one day sale. I found two quilt covers which were very pretty and had great reductions in price, so I purchased those. This morning when I was changing my sheets my old feather bed cover just tore. We are recycling that one now.

In the afternoon, I visited Helen, who is my Grandmother in my aroma therapy technique venture. She is training me early in June with an expert in the technique at her Beauty Therapy salon. It is really a few small rooms under her house, but it is very well set up. I have already experienced the aroma technique and felt so much better for it after a week or so. It was great.

I set up my facebook page where I can post news and ideas related to the aroma technique. It is lots of fun and I hope to meet some very interesting people through it.


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