Wednesday and Students

There were a few students in at the office today, which makes the day go a lot faster. I brought some biscuits to share. They were Anzac biscuits that I arranged on a plate with a sign saying “Eat me Please” stuck on the glad wrap. It created quite a stir, as everyone seemed to like them and they soon disappeared even though there were a lot of them to start with. I was very glad that they were such a hit.

I had a trial run at trouble shooting student log in problems and also doing an ad hoc marketing Spiel for a walk-in prospect. They went quite well, as I tried to make it clear what the limits of my knowledge are.

Then tonight there was Choir practice. We are doing “Canticle of the Sun” and some Cosmic Creation song for an ecumenical service which is part of the Hays Inlet festival early in June. Next week is dress rehearsal and then we are “on”. There are some new members in the Choir and some people who can only participate at various times.

After Choir I had training for Gridiron officiating with an online session attended by six people including the presenter. I was 15 minutes late and made a cup of coffee before joining straight after Choir. We used a free online meeting application which was fine. I think I learned a lot, mostly because people shared information about what is going on.

So it has been a productive day today and now I am off for a well-earned sleep.


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