Tuesday in Paradise

As I am starting to sort out the final version of my thesis, I am blessed to have had some lovely, quiet and calm days at work. Today was no exception, and I enjoyed my chicken and salad sandwich at lunch time immensely, feeling unrushed and thoughtful.

At home, the kitchen stove has been going crazy, turning up its own heat to full, even when it is switched off. We have to switch it off at the wall each time. Mum is perplexed. The toaster is on the blink and she wants to go shopping with me on her birthday to buy a new one. Actually, I am sure we will be looking at new stove-tops, as that is really annoying for her when she cooks dinner a night.

I have been trying to hold myself back from planning things when I should be completing my thesis and starting my PhD. Not that I ever thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever be doing a PhD. It seems to bizarre and remote from reality. That is probably what is holding me back with the master’s thesis. The thought of be Dr Barbara is probably all too strange and very unlikely at this stage of things.

Meanwhile, I love me job. I am happy to go in to work each day. This week I have a half-day on Friday and will be in on Saturday. My colleagues are great. The students are really interesting and have such good attitudes. I am so grateful to be in my job at a time when I really needed to find a position that interested and suited me.


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