Monday in the Village

There were reports in the news that temperatures above 20 Celsius are unusually warm for May. In Brisbane, this is not unusual for autumn, but in the Southern States, it is breaking records. I love the cooler weather, after eight months of summer weather in Queensland.

These last few days, sitting at my desk has been like being in a time tunnel. Time has been flying and the day seems over quicker than I expect. I had an after-hours role play phone call with a student last night for work. It was over before I knew it and pretty well the same as the first after-hours call a couple of weeks ago.

In the lunch hour, I walked down the street and past the gym advertising 12 casual visits for $12. Being across the road from a huge new gym must be a real marketing challenge for the 24/7 gym on the main road. There was also a “Blockbuster” video store which rents DVDs with weekly specials just around the corner. Two new sushi stores are opening on the main street. There is another next to “Woolworths” in the off-road shopping area.

An Indian restaurant and an Indian grocery store are also in the area. The Village is such an interesting place.


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