Mid-May Sunday

Music Ministry was awesome today, as we had an extra singer who suits the style of the singing really well. I think she is Filipina, as she is really good and has the same tone as the ladies in the Filipina choir who sing at different masses during each month.

The delicious aroma of scones and coffee greeted me after mass, as Mum had made her usual scones with jam and cream while I was out. She is quite the expert at baking excellent scones and often makes them on Sundays. I heated up my coffee from earlier in the morning, as I was up before dawn and sorting out things on the laptop in the living room.

I completed a survey before Mass which had to do with the various ministries in the Parish. Father John delivered a sermon about surveys as the Bishop has apparently asked for another related to visiting the sick in the local hospital. Father Michael also mentioned visiting the sick in hospital as one of the huge jobs that he was really worried about when he first started at the parish. However, apparently there were several people who were involved in that ministry already.

My thoughts turned to approaching Father John to write and collate a survey for that purpose, particularly if I could find a way to tie it in to my thesis. Just now, I was thinking of separate surveys for English speaking and non-English speaking background in-patients.


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