Friday Happiness

This morning I received a message from my thesis supervisor about my update. He was very supportive and said that he believes I can achieve my goal of submitting my thesis in a way that manages the current political interest in Higher Education funding in Australia. After a day of feeling sad that all my work would come to nothing I was very glad that it does all seem possible to someone else.

I have renewed hope that things will go well and am programming in some time today to sort out my final draft and best approach. It is great to be able to plan and organise little projects like this, particularly when things at work are going well.

As we have cooler weather, I will be able to walk in the mornings before going in to work. Mainly it will work better because I am timing my journey in to work and will be able to organise myself for a 30 minute walk whenever I can. This time of year is just beautiful for being out and about.

Helen and Zakia have been inviting me to some Beauty Therapy activities as I am going to learn some kind of therapeutic oil technique which I hope to practice on Mum and other members of the family. I love the scent of pure, refined oils so it will be fun working out different combinations.


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