Current Research

I am very fortunate to have a colleague who is a great fit for my interest in Strength and Conditioning coaching. As a young athlete, she was a world-class swimmer. That fits with my S&C main focus of swimming. She also has some chronic medical conditions, which fits with my Diploma in Fitness and my Graduate Certificate research. It is looking very promising for me to offer her S&C training for my updating so that I can maintain my registration. As I have had a couple of requests from young S&C coaches for practical experience, I would love to work in this area.

Yesterday, I was on the sideline of the Australian Gridiron League Senior Final, which is the first time I have had anything to do with the AGL. I enjoyed the stress-free day, particularly as I had a “girlie” morning with aroma-touch involving a back and foot aroma massage. I met Helen and Amanda at Helen’s place. Although Amanda is planning to return to England soon, Helen is a very dynamic lady who has known Zakia for a long time.

Zakia arranged a sharing with me for practicing the aroma touch. I can practice with her. Arranging the practical experience is often difficult, but there is Mum as well. I might even be able to practice on my colleague.


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