Tuesday on the Phone

This week I have been busy working mainly by phone while at my desk. I have used the earphones to connect to my work mobile phone with a fair amount of utilising electronic documents. Then later this evening, my student called me at home so that I could assist her to complete the fourth task in 24 hours. What a champion student I have! I am so proud of her determination and her achievements.

It is much better working with earphones than holding a mobile phone next to my head for hours at a time. I also like the idea of walking around with my mobile, because in theory, I could even work across the road on a bench under a shady tree!

We have had less than a week of cooler weather and already the feather beds are out! There is nothing better than a cool night when there is a feather bed in which to snuggle. Although the warmer weather will be back very soon, it is nice that we have a change. There are hardly any mosquitoes in this weather, too, which makes being outdoors a lot more pleasant.



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