Sunday Maximum 21 Degrees Celsius

Now that the maximum temperature has dropped by more than 10 degrees Celsius, people are getting out their beanies and jackets. I love the cooler weather, after eight months of 31 degrees or more. It often happens that the weather changes suddenly at around 1st May.

Morning Mass went well with the Music Ministry at the 9am Mass. There was an advertisement in the parish bulletin for more people to join the Music Ministry, and we are very fortunate to have some excellent ladies and gentlemen who drop in at the 9am Mass to help us out. I hope that they are able to join us more often.

Our Parish has an Expo of Ministries and today there was an A3 poster with a huge list of all the things in which people are involved. The Music Ministry is just a small part of all the activities. I think it’s a pit I wasn’t well when it came to the Parish Pastoral Council elections last month.

When I arrived home after Mass there were still two scones with some jam and cream from Mum and Dad’s breakfast. I made a cup of coffee and ate my scones while catching up on the newspaper from yesterday. In the afternoon I bought some Chrysanthemums and Jonquils for Mother’s Day. Although it is next weekend, the flowers looked so pretty in their potted soil that I thought I would take them home and put them in the shed to keep the surprise from Mum until next Sunday.


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