Monday of Week 12 at Work

It has been three months since Andrea, Merrilee and I started as Distance Trainers in our current jobs. We are pretty well working in a routine now, as the software and the subjects we are teaching are becoming more familiar to us. We are not sure whether it is a three month or a six month probation period.

After two weeks with multiple holidays for Easter and Anzac Day we found last week as a full week a bit too much! This week will soon have us back to working fully for five days a week instead of three or four. Today I was on the phone for hours with a student who completed two assessment tasks from start to finish today.

My car has had its headlights stuck on high beam these last two evenings. On the home stretch I think I found a way to switch it back. It has been very annoying as the lights appeared to be stuck. One of the days we had torrential rain, so perhaps that set them off. If they manage to behave tomorrow evening I will be much happier.

Mum and Dad had their eyes tested today and Mum still does not need glasses although there is a cataract in one eye that will eventually need an operation to insert a new lens. They do actually wear glasses that they find at garage sales and Mum sees an optometrist every now and then, so I’m not sure what it means to not “need” glasses.


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