WAGL Finals

Since the Australian Gridiron League (AGL) was formed a couple of years ago, the women’s game has developed a lot. Today was the first national women’s final in the AGL. I spent the entire game on the sideline of the ACT Monarchs. It was a great game.

The game was at Wacol, where several kangaroos also live. They were on the back playing field, off to the side, resting. The area is well watered and has plentiful grass and small shrubs with some trees further away from the road. It is adjacent to the jail there.

Steve James was there, as well as Paul Taylor from Victoria, and various Gridiron Queensland people. There was a big trophy for the winning team and a plaque for the runners up. After the presentation, I headed for home to have a late lunch and tidy up around the house a bit.

The season starts around August, which is about three months away, so I guess there will be some interesting things happening in the pre-season if this is the off-season for Queensland. Next week I am down for another game, this time on the Gold Coast.


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