Friday before the WAGL game

I’m not sure when I woke up and realised it would be useless trying to sleep through the night. It would have been after four or five hours of sleep in any case. I have a full day of work ahead, but went to the other end of the house which is quieter, and started researching.

The keywords started with adult literacy and ended up with learning persistence and Cleary’s test bias research. I traversed Distance Education as well, and ended up reading a few articles of interest. This seems to be a shift in my word cloud from one based on the propaganda-style “hidden managerial data” approach of research supervision to my own experience and language use in day-to-day living and conversation.

It seems a bit odd, considering that I will be working today, and at football officiating on Saturday, due to a last-minute call-up. Ideally, this time of day is quite good for research and writing if I can also be working normally during the week and out in the fresh air and sunshine on weekends.


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