Wednesday Midweek

This week is a five day work week and Wednesday is right in the middle. It is also the twelfth week in my job when I expect to understand better what is going on and I also expect to have optimised my daily routine. It does seem that I have worked things out well.

Mum and Dad see something of me in the mornings, as I prepare my lunch and eat my morning cereal. We enjoy dinner time together most nights at around 6pm when I arrive home. Then we catch up on the family new while Dad watches the news on the television. There isn’t much to tell about work, as my days are fairly quiet and our focus at work is on the students most of the time.

We are raising money for Cancer research and there is even a raffle for two Keith Urban concert tickets. Lynda, my sister-in-law might like that kind of thing, so I think I might buy a ticket in that one. I already have a ticket in one of the other raffles. Perhaps it’s time we invited the students, as the Big Morning Tea will be held on 15th May at work.

Over the next two weekends we have National League games for gridiron. The Women’s match is this Saturday and the Men’s is the following Saturday on the Gold Coast. I have been volunteered to be helping out on the sideline, so I hope I don’t fall asleep like I usually do when I am watching instead of participating in the officiating.


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