Monday and a Five Day Week

This week we do not have Easter holidays nor ANZAC day. We have to work for five days straight. Mmmm….. I am trying not to work extra hard as there are fully five days to do everything.

It is also Dad’s birthday today. Uncle Eric, his oldest brother, sent a card which arrived today. Aunty Evelyn telephoned. Mum and I had our cards and presents ready this morning, so we surprised Dad, who insisted that he had forgotten all about today being his birthday. Mum scoffed and did not believe any of his protests!

When I left for work this morning Dad was sitting in the living room wearing his jacket, as he was waiting for the rain to ease off enough to take Max for his morning walk. Max is quite spoiled, and we are sure that he knows it as he lies on his back waiting for someone to scratch his chest and neck!!!!!

There was some kind of chocolate lamington cake for Dad today. It was covered in desiccated coconut and tasted fairly light and quite nice really. At work, Lena also had her birthday, so that was kind of special as well. Bruce brought Ferrero Rocher chocolates for her. I think he knows her from working in the Brisbane office, so he remembered the day.


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