Sunday Seems Like Saturday

Having worked a half day yesterday, today seems like a Saturday without work. Fortunately, I remembered to be up at 4 am to have coffee and some cereal before dressing for Mass at 9 am. I try to arrive at least half an hour early and today I managed to forget my water bottle. Without water breaks I croak, so I brought a cup of water in from the kitchenette in the Narthex. It wasn’t all that helpful, as there are not many places to leave an open cup of water, but it was better than no water at all.

Joe and Marietta were there, with Len, Mark and Olivia and Theresa was playing the Church organ. Louis also arrived with his parallel English and Latin Missal. I will have to ask him where he got it, as mine is from St Paul’s Bookshop and only has English text. Bernice has broken her arm, so the Filipino Group does not have a musician at present. I’m not sure whether I could step in on occasions like those, as I don’t practice keyboard very often and would need at least two hours a week to get up to speed with the Music Ministry repertoire.

In the afternoon, I covered some more of my Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy subject. Mum and I went shopping for a birthday present for Dad as it is his birthday tomorrow. It’s socks and jocks for him, as he needs new supplies. Easy….


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