Saturday Morning at Work

On Saturday I went in to Nundah Village for my half day of work. It was a great opportunity to do some marking and I helped two students with training, one who came in and another who worked with my by telephone.

By the time it was afternoon, I was very hungry and glad to be going home for lunch. There were two pieces of fish in the freezer which I cooked in the microwave. Then Mum and I went grocery shopping. It was very quiet at the shopping centre as we have had an extended summer and lots of people would be out at the beach or finishing off their Easter and School holidays. After a quiet week on the roads into the city last week, everyone is bracing for a big week next week when people return from their visits interstate, to New Zealand and to Asia.

It would be better to go to work without my extra stuff and just put everything on SkyDrive so that I don’t have to carry so much with me. I till experiment on Sunday with packing only a few things and see how I go. That would be ideal, to be able to go to work without carrying all the equipment I need. I guess I think too much like a teacher, having to take everything with me from room to room, provide my own filing systems and equipment for the students.

Issuing students with a laptop seems to be a strategy to provide them with their one-stop-shop for everything they need and make it the students’ responsibility to find all their requirements online. I know I try to find what I need online where ever possible.


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