Thursday before ANZAC Day

Although it was very busy on the roads around Brisbane, we had a fairly quiet day at work. Danny brought in some cup cakes with blue and yellow butter icing as practice for his Big Morning Tea on 15th May to raise money for Cancer research. I guessed the number of beans in the picture of a coffee jar and bought a raffle ticket.

A student came in for training and I achieved my work goals easily. Bruce chatted about studies in Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy as he is interested in upgrading his Training qualifications for the change in regulations starting this July.

In the evening there was a car accident involving a pedestrian and the drive home took an extra 40 minutes. There was a car being loaded onto a tow truck just over the bridge, so I guessed that the scene of the accident was on the road after the bridge. I hope nobody was injured in the crash.

We heard on the News that William, Kate and baby George would be returning to England after some ANZAC Day observances. I had hoped to attend the Dawn Service but can’t see me being up at 3 am after my big drive home. It would be nice, though to be up that early.


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