If I had a Hammer

At work we have some power cords that lead along the back of the kitchen sink along the benchtop. This seems to be a common strategy for dealing with kitchens built for other purposes than the current workplace. A week or so ago, I purchased clips to keep the cords higher and tidier but could find no hammer at work. This morning I purchased one for $5 at Woolworths. As I will be in at work on Saturday morning, I hope to be able to do something about it then.

There was a CCIQ webinar on digital marketing at noon today which I watched as part of my Professional Development. It was quite interesting and well-structured to funnel customers to the organisers of the Webinar. I expect it will be relevant to building mobile platforms for student access to presentations and related things.

I would like to hold meetings with people using webinars or video conferencing, so I think it would be useful to test this kind of thing for people who have limited data allowances and who live in regional areas with poor mobile reception. It is not clear to me what the cost of things like Facetime on iOS devices or ooVoo might be in different circumstances such as sending, receiving or retrieving files.

Fortunately, there is no Choir practice tonight as our next event is an Ecumenical service in June so we start rehearsals next month after a break of two or three weeks. For people who have full lives, it is good to have a break every now and then after major Liturgical events. I think the Music Ministry members put a lot into our work and need a change of pace to recover.


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