Easter Monday 2014

Mum was up early this morning and checked whether we would like fresh scones for breakfast. Often, we have scones on a Sunday morning. This morning is special as well, so scones it was. We had her Japoticaba jam from the tree in our garden. Then there was coffee and cream.

As a result of fasting through Lent I find it difficult to eat a big meal in the day time. However, scones for breakfast is just ideal. Dad returned from walking Max at about the same time I finished my morning shower, so we managed to be at the table on time for Mum.

My committee meeting on Sunday night finished after an hour, but then we tested some conferencing software and I stayed online to research the best type for our needs. Cloud video conferencing is a growing area of SAS, so there are no clear favourites in the local market that I could find. I sent an e-mail to Mark with what appeared to be the best offering.

The morning was taken up with checking out other video conferencing solutions, doing some clothes washing and washing the tiles on the front landing floor. I managed to tidy up some of the spare room on Sunday night. I also searched for the Sunday Missal in English and Latin and some music for the Music Ministry, updated my profile with Brisbane Catholic Education and did some study in TAELLN401A through AOT.

Yesterday, I took a video of Dad on the “Confidence” vibration platform. He acted up so that I could post it to Facebook for the family. They know he can be highly hilarious when he wants to be. Mum said not to post it as he was totally ridiculous. He looked at the video and laughed a lot. So did I. Oh well, if he wants to look silly on fb, that’s his prerogative.


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