Easter by the Sea

Today I sang at morning Mass, as the only one in the choir uniform of white top and black skirt or pants. Although we have been rehearsing for a couple of months, the Sunday Easter Mass was never really mentioned much apart from the list of hymns and other pieces to be sung. Everything seemed to stop at the Easter Vigil on Saturday night.

However, the church was packed, with standing room only, three baptisms and interesting information with chocolates, about the Ignite! Youth activities for early May. Dom, our Seminarian from Africa is leading the Youth activities in our Parish and gave a great speech about it towards the end of Mass.

So I was glad to have participated. Louis, Mark, Fred and Jean were there with Dom singing some of the time and the lady who occasionally plays the flute right next to the singers also turning up. Theresa played the organ and Livy, Mark’s daughter, sat with us.

I would have liked to participate in other Masses, but going to Gympie on Holy Thursday, training students from 8:45 am to 2:45pm without a break and experiencing a Gympie MacDonald’s Angus burger on the way home combined to leave me with no energy for the next two days. It miffs me a little that I fasted for 40 days, and instead of fine chocolate and enjoying the fruits of rehearsal with the Music Ministry, I was introducing my stomach to high fat, calorie-dense French fries and a burger made up of one outside circle from an onion ring, a slice of tomato, a nice meat Pattie, gooey processed cheese slice and soft, sweet bun. I ate more calories in that meal than I had eaten for the entire three days previously. On Friday night I could not sleep, and got up at 9:50 pm to watch television and update my laptop until 6:00 am the next morning.

It was quiet on Easter Saturday. At our place it was a day for tidying the house, finding some Easter eggs to give to Peter and some for us, and reading. I started reading P.D. James’ “A Certain Justice.

By Sunday, I was feeling much better as I had slept very well on Saturday night. These last couple of weeks, particularly as a volunteer at FILEX in Melbourne, I have been feeling more independent and interested in keeping track of where I am heading. It’s been a calm sort of feeling, where I make an effort to follow through with the little things that will make sense to me in the future, like updating contacts and my calendar.


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