This is the year in which I hope to start my PhD in Information Technology.

It is a bit daunting, as I know that this type of study is meant to be all-consuming. I am expecting to become a type of distracted recluse, my mind constantly sorting out themes and data to make sense of a different take on the world around me. Not that this would be terribly different from my current lifestyle, but it still will lead to big changes, I expect.

Thankfully, the last few years in computing have seen the introduction of more accessible and practical laptops. Although office workers tend to have two screens, a laptop and a tablet computer, students are meant to survive with anything from a single iPhone of smartphone to a light weight type of laptop.

It’s fascinating to be involved in study at this time, with lots of online courses, TAFE courses and the usual type of university offerings. At present, I am finding adult literacy and technological literacy to be very interesting, particularly for hands-on learners. It is a bit surprising to me that older adults are not recognised as a target group for online learning, but perhaps using computers can be a barrier when the internet is expensive and can lead to unexpected extra charges from internet service providers.

I wonder about the value of qualifications earned by students who are movers and shakers instead of researchers and writers. Perhaps it is only at higher levels of research that the two can come together.

Then there is the ongoing need to tidy up my room, sort out my papers and finalise my Master’s thesis. I’m sure this can all be done in the next few weeks as I am open to being organised and tidying up a lot more.


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