A close encounter with an Angus Burger

On the way back from the Gympie Convention Centre yesterday we stopped in at the MacDonald’s Drive Through. I hardly ever eat fast food, so it was interesting to make a choice from a list of things I had never seen before and have it upgraded to a bigger pack involving soft drink and French fries as a bonus from the Boss.

While the food was fresh, and generally can be trusted if it comes from MacDonald’s, it was not something that I would eat again, given a choice.

I found it odd to eat something that was designed by experts to flatter the palette so much. It was bizarre to think that so many people would spend so much time designing something to please the customer at first bite. The after effects of eating this was much the same as eating the very preserved cottage pie from a road house a couple of weeks before.

I felt drained of energy; lacking in several major food groups – dairy, vegetables and fibre to mention a few. It was like something congealed and full of peculiar chemicals was struggling to be digested.

My plans to go out for the next day were cancelled as I tried to sleep and to ignore my parents’ growls, complaints and accusations for whatever reason I am unsure.

It was an interesting way to spend Good Friday, especially considering that a cheese and vegemite sandwich on Thursday, or just a lunch break at work, would have saved me all that trouble.


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