Palm Sunday

Today the Philipino Choir sang at the 9am mass for Palm Sunday. As I now attend the 9am Mass, I also sang with them. Joe and Marietta lead the Philipino Choir and are also in the Music Ministry, so they are happy to have some help at with the singing from those who attend practice regularly.

This week we had practice on Wednesday night as well as Saturday afternoon.

Holy Week is now underway, with Masses for most nights from Wednesday’s Rite of Reconciliation through to Easter Monday. Although I am not going away over Easter, I hope to visit the “Festival of Sails” at the seafront over the weekend. There will be sailing boats and market stalls from Queen’s Beach to Redcliffe Jetty.

On Thursday, I am going to Gympie with my work, so I am not sure about how much time will be left at the end of the day for Holy Thursday Choir. Although I did not take a packed lunch last time I went, this time I will take something to eat, even if it is just an apple and some yoghurt with a water bottle.

Last weekend I was busy volunteering at a Convention, which took up my Thursday through to Sunday night. I did manage to attend Mass at the “Saint Mary, Star of the Sea” church in North Melbourne, which is a very beautiful church not far from the Victoria Markets. The organist played a lot at the Vigil mass, but the hymn books did not appear until well after I had arrived, and no-one seemed to be joining in with the music. It was a lovely organ, though.

I had a quiet weekend. On Saturday I cut and coloured Mum’s hair, tidied up the house a bit and did some washing. On Sunday I had to buy a small desk fan for work, because the air does not circulate well in my office, particularly when there is more than one or two students and a trainer in the room.

This afternoon I tried making peanut butter balls with Nutella, oats, coconut, peanut butter, a protein powder and sultanas. They are in the fridge setting at present. I added a small amount of milk to help them bind into little ball shapes. They look like rum balls, but without the rum.

There is only a month before my probation period at work is over, so I pray that it all goes well. We all seem to get on well with each other and it is a pleasure to work with the students who are all so eager to learn, particularly the regional students.

This week I have also started vibration plate work, which involves ten minutes a day on a vibration platform. It is meant to provide an all-over massage effect as well as muscle toning. Mum is trying it as well, so we will see whether it works and how effective it is.

I went in for my hair cut on Saturday with Roslyn. She know now how I like to wear my hair and does a fabulous job of trimming it and keeping it looking respectable. She is going to send a reminder for the next appointment, as I almost forgot that I had called her two weeks ago for this appointment.

Her husband is apparently from Innisfail, where I was teaching for a few months when I was teaching in different towns around Queensland. She knows the area quite well through her husband so it was good to remember what it was like when I drove 1,000km up the coast to Townsville, Innisfail and Cairns after I completed my teacher training.


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